(script and illustrations)

A shelter is a place where you feel safe, where nothing bad can happen. In a shelter, your sorrow is comforted, and your mischiefs are forgiven.

Emmanuelle Houdart uses her talent and her imagination to address to toddlers. She explores the notion of shelter along the pages of this “cocoon” picture book. First, the original shelter, the one we are nostalgic for all life long: the mother’s belly. The crib, the house, the hut, all these places are also shelters. But love is one too: love from your parents, your siblings, or your lover. Short and musical sentences come to complete Emmanuelle’s soft illustrations, just like a lullaby. The book opens on the mother’s belly, and ends with the gentleness of an old man holding a baby. Who is sheltering the other? Both certainly are…

Format 24,8 x 34,8
Pagination 32 pages
Published 21 10 14
ISBN 978-2-36902-031-8
Starting age 2 ans


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