Love, Beauty And Boogers

(script and illustrations)

Alleluia! Boogers are back! Mrzyck & Moriceau are in peak condition in this absolutely irresistible new episode… 

In the land of boogers lives Magali, a pretty plump lady full of life. Magali has two passions: potato chips, and hairdressing. The day she learns that a hairdressing pageant is being organized in Vegaz, and that she could win her weight in potato chips, Magali is overcome with happiness! She immediately leaves for Laz Vegaz to participate in the pageant. Unfortunately, she gets lost on the way and ends up in an unknown and hostile land. Even worse: she is sent to jail by a tribe of angry foot droppings! In jail, she meets Mireille. What is going to happen? Are Magali and Mireille going to successfully free themselves? How are Magali’s hairdressing skills going to help? To find out, rush to read Love, beauty and boogers, this new wacky adventure by the artists Mrzyck & Moriceau.

Format 19,8 x 27,6 cm
Pagination 48 pages
Published 18 10 18
ISBN 978-2-36902-101-8
Starting age 3 ans


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