Björn, A Busy Life

(script and illustrations)

Summer is here! In the forest, Björn and his friends are back for six stories, as funny as they are delicate. The animals try out human activities, and Björn chooses the one he likes most:
doing nothing.

The weather is mild outside, summer has come.
In the forest, Björn the delicate and lazy bear and his friends – the hare, the owl, the badger, the tit… – try out human activities. They manufacture tickets to go see an exhibition, collect trash left behind by the humans, play hide and seek with an ornithologist, open a restaurant, and even think about writing a book! But when the unexpected arises, such as the fall of a beautiful red leaf or
the arrival of rain, Björn stops everything he’s doing. Because the most important thing to do is
to contemplate those tiny things in which all
the beauty of the world resides.

Format 15 x 21 cm
Pagination 64 pages
Published 22 09 22
ISBN 978-2-36902-164-3
Starting age 4 ans


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