On The Whole

(script and illustrations)

In this beautiful book with spreads you can unfold, Elisa Géhin invites small children to see the world as a succession of places formed by collections of people, things, animals, plants or even aliens!

Every place in the world can be defined as a collection, a whole. Elisa Géhin had fun gathering a list of collections, jumbling up animals, plants, objects and even extra-terrestrials! Sorting out this joyful chaos is exciting, it offers infinite possibilities and it gives to see… the order of the world! And while exploring the world (from the house to the neighbourhood, from the neighbourhood to the city), children grow up…

This intelligent and sparkling book, with pages that unfold in a variety of visual surprises, is perfect to answer the little ones’ liking for discovery and their love… for setting things in order!

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Format 17,5 x 21
Pagination 78 pages
Published 17 10 13
ISBN 978-2-36902-083-7
Starting age 1 an


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