(script and illustrations)

Clementine, a small girl-fox accompanies her parents to her grandmother’s… another unremarkable and boring day in the countryside. She suddenly discovers a hole in the garden hedge. Curious, she rushes through the thorns and ends up face to face with a really strange hairless boy: a real human! Clementine and her new friend manage to get in a whole series of games before it’s time to go back, covered in twigs and leaves, to her family. The little fox looks at her grandma in a new light because they now share a precious secret.

This heart-warming and poetic album is an ode to childhood and nature. This book plays subtly with the rules of youth literature. It does a great job bringing back those who drifted away from great books for kids.

Format 22,1 x 25,6 cm
Pagination 40 pages
Published 18 04 19
ISBN 978-2-36902-105-6
Starting age 5 ans


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