Dolores Wilson, Five Adventures of a Superheroine

(script), (illustrations)

Dolores Wilson, superheroine and a professional temp worker, has a new job every day. Eddy, her boss at GETOWORK, even nicknamed her “the temporary worker of the impossible”. Accompanied by Doug, her overweight dog, and Oscar, her mutant snail, Dolores becomes, in turn, a spy for a large company, a cashier at the mini-market, a bulldozer driver… Missions that all prove to be very perilous! Luckily, Dolores has a superpower: a red pepper served with whipped cream, and just like that, our superheroine can save the world!

The adventures of Dolores Wilson offer young readers breathtaking, funny and frightening action scenes, bordering on the absurd, just like the author Mathis loves them. Never has a superheroine been as intrepid, courageous and astonishing as Dolores Wilson, brought to life under the beautiful pencil strokes of Aurore Petit.

Format 15 x 21 cm
Pagination 120 pages
Published 19 05 22
ISBN 978-2-36902-161-2
Starting age 6 ans


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