The Way It Turns

(script), (illustrations)

One evening of gray moon, four giants undertake a great journey. When they arrive, they assess the new place: it’s small, round, blue, spins very slowly, and it smells… what does it smell like? Actually, it smells like home.

So the four giants settle down. The first takes on water, the second fire, the third earth, and the last air. When they wake up, the sun, tired of endlessly revolving around the Earth, challenges them to replace it. Since that day, four big giants have been pushing the Earth through the skies, from winter to spring.

This cosmogony by Martine Laffon invites toddlers to daydream whilst discovering the world. Icinori’s stunning illustrations illuminate and embrace the tale all the way. Its intense colours, printed in direct tone, are a dense and subtle invitation to enhance imagination.

Format 18,5 x 25 cm
Pagination 32 pages
Published 19 05 22
ISBN 978-2-36902-152-0
Starting age À partir de 3 ans


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