Hernig and Zebraël

(script), (illustrations)

A tale of sublte humour, a thrilling saga, a modern initiation story, a dazzling illustrated novel… There are lots of ways to define the literary UFO that is Hernig & Zébraël

Everything opposes Hernig, a lonesome and silent man, and Zébraël, a spirited and charming teenage boy… But these two heroes will have to unite and travel together on a quest that will lead them much further than the wolf’s den, to the very depths of the world, on the hunt for a forever-lost Eden. The writing of Victor Boissel, young virtuoso author, transports us from the very first lines of the album. He mixes genres with fluidity; this adventure is in turn lyrical, comic, serious and light-hearted. The characters exist immediately, the readers can identify themselves with the somber Hernig or the fearless Zébraël, and savour the balance of this uncommon duo. The illustrations by Beax, whose first book this is, shows a great talent for composition and colours. This large-format album will be printed in spot colour, so that the object will be as surprising as its content.

Format 24 x 32 cm
Pagination 84 pages
Published 03 11 16
ISBN 978-2-36902-068-4
Starting age 9 ans


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