Greek Mythology Heroes

(script), (illustrations)

A huge picture book about episodes of the life of six timeless mythology heroes. 

What pushes Heracles to perform the impossible tasks king Eurystheus has given him? Why does Ulysses roam so long before joining Ithaca? In this album, Martine Laffon, expert in mythology and cosmogony, tells us of the tales of the prowess of Theseus, Heracles, Œdipus, Perseus, Jason and Ulysses. Concisely, the philosopher explains the psychology of the characters and enlightens us on their motives. Thus, half-gods and exceptional men loose part of their mystery so we become all the more attached to them. By modulating her tone, Martine Laffon manages to place these epic sagas within reach of the little ones. Mirroring the text, Martin Jarrie’s drawings add to the narrative making this book a singular object that will pique curiosity of readers all ages!

Format 27,6 x 37,8 cm
Pagination 72 pages
Published 18 10 18
ISBN 978-2-36902-070-7
Starting age 5 ans


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