Once Upon A Thousand Times

(script), (illustrations)

Once Upon A Thousand Times deals with all the joy and drama of childhood, big or small. A little book both fun and deeply moving. It is packed with life extract sketched by Delphine Perret, who is an expert at mixing humour and emotion!

There was a thousand ways of telling the world, and Ludovic Flamant chose to do it through childhood memories. He captures moments of life, mixing everyday joys and dramas all together. And in those little moments, all readers identify, going from laughter to tears along the pages. Readers of all ages are bound together by a shared emotion, around the “princess with gum stuck in her hair”, or the “old man in a wooden box”. The lively drawings by Delphine Perret illustrate inventively the text by Ludovic Flamant. A picture book full of humour, emotion and subtlety.

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Format 15 x 18
Pagination 72 pages
Published 18 04 13
ISBN 978-2-36902-000-4
Starting age 3 ans


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