I am The Jellyfish

(script), (illustrations)

Not everyday do we get a picture book that gives voice to a jellyfish, the creature that both fascinates and terrifies.

Béatrice Fontanel and Alexandra Huard bring this mysterious animal to life, in a beautiful picture book.

A young jellyfish tells her story. One day, she meets a little girl, and she stings her by accident. The little girl’s father pulls the jellyfish out of the water and leaves her on the beach. At death’s door, the jellyfish is saved at the last minute by the little girl, who throws her back in the sea. Grown up, the jellyfish crosses again the path of the little girl, who is now a Young woman, and recognizes her by the scar of the sting on her wrist. She then performs for her a wonderful silent underwater dance. The jellyfish, as fascinating as she is scary, comes to life in this eco-friendly and poetic tale. Alexandra Huard illustrates wonderfully the paradox of this animal, repulsive to us when taken out of its element, luminous and graceful when in the water.

Format 24 x 34 cm
Pagination 36 pages
Published 16 06 16
ISBN 978-2-36902-057-8
Starting age 5 ans


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