Jean-Loup does stuff

(script and illustrations)

Meet Jean-Loup, the world’s idlest dog, and follow him through 3 extraordinary adventures: Jean-Loup Makes Some Soup; Jean-Loup Takes Exercise; and Jean-Loup Has A Cold.

Jean-Loup is a dog. In his dungarees, dressing gown or his superb yellow tracksuit, Jean-Loup faces everyday life hardship with his very personal nerve and class. He lives some frantic adventures, but never too far from a comfy and cosy bed. The author delights us with her anti-hero, both hopeless and touching. Jean-Loup is truly idle, and any hint of activity has to be rewarded with a well-deserved little nap. These three short stories treat idleness as an art of living. A book that will appeal to both the little ones and the big ones, with hilarious details to be read in the text and the images.

Format 15,6 x 11,7
Pagination 40
Published 16 04 15
ISBN 978-2-36902-038-7
Starting age 3 ans


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