Kidnapping in Bogey Village!

(script and illustrations)

Do you remember the Bogey village? Dive back into this wacky universe’s wild new adventure by Mrzyk & Moriceau!

In the previous “Panic At Bogey Village”, the Boulette family had been kidnapped by a giant finger. In this new story, little readers will find out what has become of them…

After a rough kidnapping, the family is finally safe and finds out that the fingers took them for a specific purpose! They need them to use their small size to go underground in a maze of galleries to find a precious treasure: their nail-clipper.

Mrzyk & Moriceau’s come back is great in this insane new adventure. After the success of the first album, little readers will rejoice at the return of the absurd humor and pop visuals of this contemporary artist couple.

Format 19 x 26,8 cm
Pagination 48 pages
Published 16 03 17
ISBN 978-2-36902-075-2
Starting age 3 ans


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