In bed at night

(script and illustrations)

Who has never experienced the fear caused by strange noises at night? The kind of noise that set off your imagination and makes you think about the worst…

Julien Roux embarks the reader on that path, but the brilliant graphic constraint he imagined, of making all the frightful elements of vivid multicoloured triangles, wipes out the fear. Spiders, monsters, aliens… this crowd is named by the child and streams past under our eyes, but is magically kept at a distance. And sleep comes. When the child opens his eyes the next morning, all cheerful under his triangle-patterned blanket, his father is here and confides to him: “What people find scary lies nowhere else than in the eyes of the one who is scared…”

Format 18 x 24
Pagination 32 pages
Published 18 04 13
ISBN 978-2-36902-002-8
Starting age 3 ans


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