Mister Lepron’s Soup

(script), (illustrations)

Mister Lepron, the hare, cooks the best soups in the world: animals love it, and so do humans. So much so that one day, he must leave his burrow to open a large factory and ensure the production of all the cans of soup. But his dazzling success is soon threatened… 

Mister Lepron, a handsome hare with a brown, silky coat, has one hobby: the vegetables that grow in the farmer’s vegetable patch next door to his den. With these fabulous vegetables, Mister Lepron makes the best soup in the world. Once a year, on the first day of autumn, everyone brings a carefully picked out ingredient, which the hare then gently cooks in a very special pot. Whilst cooking, he falls asleep and dreams. When he wakes up, supper’s ready and everyone enjoys a good bowl of soup.

But little by little, the notoriety of Mister Lepron’s soup of exceeds the burrow and its surroundings. Soon, the whole world will love it! Overwhelmed by success, Mister Lepron opens a large factory to serve everyone and directs from his office the distribution of the Lepron Soup all over the world. But he is no longer able to dream 

A picture book with a classic note, that deals with a resolutely topical subject: capitalism, globalization, and their disastrous consequences. A smart, simple way to tackle these complicated subject matters with the young ones.  

Format 21 x 26,5 cm
Pagination 48 pages
Published 24 11 22
ISBN 978-2-36902-168-1
Starting age 4 ans


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