The Truth About Other Planet’s Resident

(illustrations), (script)

In this small beautifully crafted square picture book, Julien Baer and Magali Le Huche take us on a funny and gentle journey of discovery to meet the inhabitants of other planets… 

What do other planets’ residents look like? This is the question Julien wanted to answer when he embarked for a trip around the galaxy. He wasn’t disappointed! In this wacky, fake documentary, the author shows different types of inhabitants that he met, describing them skillfully with few well-chosen words. We learn that the Martian is a hand, that the Mercurian is often cold and wears a scarf at all times, the inhabitants of Orion are very, very flat and that the Nekkarian looks Asian but actually, isn’t.

Magali Le Huche delightfully sketches this joyful parade of weird and far-fetched creatures with a blue line on a pretty yellow paper. With a sparing use of words and lines, this gallery of character stands on a thin line between tenderness and crazy humor. A precious little two-color picture book with a linen cover to laugh, give and let you dream.

Format 16 x 16 cm
Pagination 64
Published 15 03 18
ISBN 978-2-36902-090-5
Starting age 5 ans


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