The little tiny louse bleats

(script), (illustrations)

A new series for the little ones, coming directly from the crazy imagination of Mathis and Aurore Petit : Le petit pou (The little louse). A delightful character, exhilarating puns, and an always hilarious ending!

The little louse knows that cows have spots. The little louse knows that bears have fur. He also knows that birds fly in the sky… But is there anything this little louse doesn’t know ? In two square shaped little albums, Mathis and Aurore Petit portray a fearless and very lively louse… In Le petit pou sait (The little louse knows), our character is in a different situation on each page, and the text, using repetition, tells us what the little louse knows. But what if he knows nothing ? Because, just like anyone else, he could be wrong ! It’s only at the end of the album that the truth is exposed, and that we understand that every image has a double reading. The reading (and rereading) of this book becomes a game of hide and seek, a puzzle full of tricks. Same concept for Le petit pou rit (The little louse laughs) who, believing he is wandering about in extraordinary landscapes, is actually jumping from one head to another in a bus… With his adorably idiotic puns and his running gags, the little louse will have his young readers laughing their heads off.

Format 17 x 19 cm
Pagination 28 pages
Published 15 09 16
ISBN 978-2-36902-063-9
Starting age 3 ans


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