The Approximate Pony Encyclopedia

(script and illustrations)

It’s common knowledge that EVERYBODY loves ponies. Who can resist their velvet eyes? Their rainbow mane? Their thick and comforting silhouette? Their long eyelashes and damp snout? It is pretty clear that everything about the pony fills us with joy.

Manu Boisteau writes a picture book that is 50% documentary, 25% comic book, 36% activity book, 78% cooking book, 39% philosophical essay, 24% makeup tutorial and 22% lifestyle book.

Every page makes the reader bursts out laughing. This approximate pony encyclopedia will delight adults and teenagers, and maybe even children… if they have a sense of humour!

Format 20,6 x 25,1
Pagination 48
Published 01 01 70
ISBN 978-2-36902-117-9
Starting age 12 ans


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