Artists’ Studios

(script), (illustrations)

Delphine Perret has always been fascinated by the link between artistic creation and the artist’s studio. Her meeting with the photographer Éric Garault immediately spawned the project to work together on these particular places.

Their partnership is closely knit: they visit artist’s studios, and while Delphine is chatting with the artist, asking questions and sketching, Éric takes pictures. After the visit, Delphine transcribes the discussion and completes her sketches. She then selects drawings and parts of the dialogue to keep only the main gist. Éric does the same with his pictures.

The reader is a silent guest to these enchanting visits and enters with glee into the artists’ world

Format 21,6 x 25,7
Pagination 254
Published 10 12 19
ISBN 978-2-36902-095-0
Starting age