The Gentle Rascals

(script and illustrations)

It is hard to spot a Gentle Rascal among ordinary people. The Gentle Rascals look just like ordinary people, but if you pay careful attention, you will see that they are different…

In this highly sensitive picture book, you will find out that Gentle Rascals pay attention to little things, that they talk to plants, that they laugh out loud even when they are on their own, and that they support both teams in a game… Because Gentle Rascals live slightly aside, at their own pace, and going their own way. Miguel Tanco’s outlined drawing, with a reduced colour palette, wonderfully illustrates the poetic and offbeat world of these Gentle Rascals, telling the beauty of the littlest things and the pleasure of living as you please.

Format 17,4 x 24
Pagination 36
Published 21 05 15
ISBN 978-2-36902-040-0
Starting age 4 ans


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