Louise Or Curly Polly’s Childhood

(script), (illustrations)

Louise, a little girl whose hair is as thin as spaghetti, must leave the green fields of the countryside to live in an ebullient urban city. She hates everything about it, especially her new apartment which is too small, too greyish, too square…  Nothing is as it was before and Louise can’t get used to her new environment. But when she meets Ella, her classmate, everything changes and Louise becomes able to enjoy the positive sides of living in a big city.

In this prequel of Bigoudi, Delphine Perret and Sébastien Mourrain explore the sweet and painful moments of childhood, the strength of friendship as well as the difficulties we have to face regarding changes.

Format 17,9 x 24,6 cm
Pagination 40 pages
Published 20 02 20
ISBN 978-2-36902-108-7
Starting age 4 ans


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