Where Is It?

(script and illustrations)

The story of a man who looks everywhere for his wig that has flown away. Along the way, he encounters a cat, seaweed and even covers himself in cow dung…

A wig flies off. “Here it is!” exclaims its owner when he spots a mass of hair on the ground. Alas, it is only a poor cat that he tried putting on his head. The man will go on being mistaken with seaweed, cow dung, a mop… Until the owner finds it serving as a cozy nest.

Right before his eyes, the eggs hatch. He will leave them the wig, which has become much more useful to the young family. The relief of the owner on each page believing he sees his wig, then his disappointment, is a classic in toddlers’ books. An eternally repeated skit is then played between the pages, funny and reassuring for the child, since they know in advance what is going to happen.

Format 20 x 22 cm
Pagination 40 pages
Published 20 10 22
ISBN 978-2-36902-159-9
Starting age 3 ans


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