What are you doing Mummy ?

(script), (illustrations)

A cardboard book telling Mummy’s day, for toddlers who likes to listen around…

Nothing is more mysterious for toddlers than what their mother is doing all day long while they’re staying at the day nursery. In this picture book, we follow the mother all day long, from waking up to going back to bed. There is no text, only onomatopoeias that illustrate the everyday sounds. Birds singing at the window and coffee boiling on the hot plate, then cars in the street. In the office, the “tacatac” of fingers on the keyboard, the “fuuuiiit” of the paper coming out from the copy machine… Mummy’s mysterious day becomes reality thanks to a variety of familiar noises. Vincent Bourgeau’s colourful and lively illustrations perfectly give life to this cardboard book for toddlers, and will make it a nice moment of pleasure and sharing.

Format 18 x 22 cm
Pagination 24
Published 21 05 15
ISBN 978-2-36902-039-4
Starting age 2 ans


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