Lost Property

(script and illustrations)

Coutchuplum and Oisoletto live in a city. One day, the two friends pack their bags and fly off in a balloon to live their dream of going to the jungle, the real jungle.
Fascinated, they explore their surroundings full of amazing animals, birds and smells.
While Coutchuplum and Oisoletto are asleep at the foot of a tree, some thieving monkeys steal their belongings. The pair set off in search of their things, and meet Azur and Lapinito, who will become good friends.
Cristina Sitja Rubio’s lush jungle rich in colour and detail is full of fabulous characters, hybrids between humans and imaginary creatures. An ode to travel and a warning of the attendant dangers, this story immerses the reader in nature, brilliantly illustrating the disorientation of the traveller crossing from urban life to the wild. The pleasures of exploring are key to this album whose images are as strange and exotic as the jungle itself.

Format 14,5 x 20,5 cm
Pagination 48 pages
Published 17 09 15
ISBN 978-2-36902-046-2
Starting age 4 ans


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