Olive and Léandre

(script), (illustrations)

A bear and an octopus are looking for each other in the ocean’s vastness. Everything opposes them, and though… This is the story of an encounter wonderfully served by the beautiful writing of Alex Cousseau and Janik Coat’s marvelous brushstroke.

Léandre is a bear living far up North. Olive is an octopus that lives all the way down South. During a very lonely day, they both decide to cross the ocean. They often pass each other without ever really meeting. They end up in each other’s homes, where only a letter waits for them. Olive and Léandre now want to meet. They go back and forth many times but keep on missing each other. The world is huge for a bear and an octopus looking for each other in the ocean. Perhaps between the North and the South, somewhere in the middle, they can find space together.

This is a very classic love story (with love letters, and everything opposing the lovers, etc.) but with fantasy added in. And yes, a bear and an octopus can live together, whatever ethologists or oceanologists may say.

Janik Coat takes us from the depths to the surface of the colorful ocean and its engaging characters. This incredibly heart-warming picture book tells of the importance of perseverance in the pursuit of love.

Format 28,7 x 34,9 cm
Pagination 32
Published 24 05 18
ISBN 978-2-36902-091-2
Starting age 4 ans


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