The Aliens Are Coming

(script), (illustrations)

The Bifrons are carefree creatures who arrive on Earth planning to invade the planet. This is a thoughful look at ecology through a wacky, high-octane picture book.

The Bifrons are fun-loving aliens from a far-off galaxy, where they spend their time laughing and having fun. But they don’t care what they do to their planet, and it dies – the resources run out and there’s nothing left to eat. They set off in search of a hospitable planet where they can carry on living free from worry about shortages, merrily polluting and plundering everything. Clovis Chanchan, a human chemist and inventor, is delighted to meet them. He shows them the wonders of Planet Earth. The Bifrons are so impressed that they decide to take refuge on Earth. The aliens are coming!

This book takes us on a zany, fun-packed adventure around France, with Nicolas Barrome’s crazy characters invading the landscape. The combination of photography and illustration adds to the wacky humour of this spoof documentary, which pays tribute to our beloved, endangered planet.

Format 24 x 32
Pagination 28
Published 16 11 17
ISBN 978-2-36902-066-0
Starting age 4 ans


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