(script and illustrations)

A beautiful picture book telling the improbable encounter between a young Inuit and an astronaut, somewhere on the ice-shelf.


During the long polar night, Ottoki crossed his path with a lost astronaut. After saving him from the attack of a polar bear, Ottoki showed him his way with the help of an Inukshuka protective and magnificent giant made of stone. A few months later, the astronaut treaded the soil of the moon and, as a tribute to Ottoki, built an immense Inukshuk there. The Inuits tell that this Inukshuk can be seen from the Earth…

With a reduced colour palette, and his skill for realism, Frédéric Marais wonderfully illustrates the surprising and silent encounter between science and tradition somewhere in the great white infinite. He invented a legend in which both adults and children will be willing to believe!

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Format 21 x 27
Pagination 40 pages
Published 30 10 13
ISBN 978-2-36902-016-5
Starting age 4 ans


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