(script and illustrations)

Who has never dreamt of having a Popdouwizz, this small companion half-cuddly toy, half-cloud? In this manga-style softcover and shiny-illustrated book, Lili Scratchy lets her imagination roam free with her colourful madness full of humour!

Céleste dreams of having a pet she would be able to confide her secrets to. But Céleste happens to come across a Popdouwizz, which is infinitely funnier! Popdouwizzs are soft little creatures, they can change shape at will, they smell like popcorn, they poop butterflies and they have big cute eyes… Lili Scratchy is at her best in this crazy book, featuring ninety-six pages full of deliciously quirky humour. Carried by graphic and narrative freedom, this book, all at once picture book, cartoon and mini graphic novel, will thrill readers of all ages!

Format 14 x 19
Pagination 96 pages
Published 19 09 13
ISBN 978-2-36902-010-3
Starting age 4 ans


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