(script and illustrations), Marion Bataille (mechanisms)

The whole universe of Nathalie Lété in an animated book!

A tiny little girl rambles through the woods, a kitchen garden and a field of flowers. The attentive reader can see her, hidden behind a tree or under a mushroom. When pulling a tab where an ant is resting, the rabbit’s ear starts moving. A bird leaves its page to come and feedits companion. Butterflies fly off. And the tiny little girl, exhausted with such a long walk, falls asleep under a swan’s wing… This luxurious nature and these various animals, which Nathalie Lété loves to paint, are animated by mechanisms designed by Marion Bataille, author of the international best-seller ABC3D. Light and poetical, these mechanisms magnify Nathalie Lété’s artwork.

A collaboration made of grace and subtlety, and inviting children and adults alike to an exceptional ramble!

voir la bande-annonce
Format 21 x 27
Pagination 16
Published 21 10 14
ISBN 978-2-36902-032-5
Starting age 2 ans


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