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In a beautiful very large-format album, Delphine Jacquot offers a gallery of far-fetched ads, derived from the universal culture of tales. Delphine Jacquot revisits the realm of tales, base of our common culture. By creating these fake old-fashioned ads, she reinvents stories, making possible a different ending, a nicer villain, an impossible union… Inspired by ancient ads and their lengthy slogans, the illustrator offers, on each double page of this large album, a miracle product that could delight Bluebeard or the Little Mermaid… For example, she gives us Mini-Memos, a clever kind of Post-it that would help Tom Thumb avoid getting lost ; the Magic Beauty miror, that makes anyone who looks in it beautiful ; the Gourmet Paté, Grandma style, in a capon-and-squash flavor, that would make any wolf happy… Magnificient illustrations accompany these humorous ads. All the talent of Delphine Jacquot is displayed: meticulous details, vibrant colours, multiple references. A work that pays tribute to youth litterature and its roots, with the subtle and twisted humour that gave the Aventures improbables de Peter et Herman (the Unlikely Adventures of Peter and Herman) so much charm.

Format 24,8 x 34 cm
Pagination 40 pages
Published 20 10 16
ISBN 978-2-36902-067-7
Starting age 5 ans


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