(script), (illustrations)

The sun is high, the sand burns… it’s summer. Undies the kangaroo desperately wants to swim but doesn’t dive in right away. He’s looking for something in his pocket. What could it be? Sunscreen? A water pistol? A bucket and spade set? Undies Junior? Or maybe a ball? Undies searches endlessly.

His friends Polo the lizard, Sock the pink flamingo, Tie the turtle, Butterfly the beaver and Slipper the penguin all come to help by trying to guess what in the world he could possibly be looking for. Thankfully, Pyjamas the grizzly bear is here and finds a radical way to put a paw on the mysterious thing.

The vivid drawings of Janik Coat highlight a very rhythmic text, in which the accumulation process is hilarious to read! We just can’t wait to reach the end, both surprising and expected at the same time

Format 28 x 32 cm
Pagination 32
Published 21 05 21
ISBN 978-2-36902-135-3
Starting age 3 ans


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