All In Order

(script and illustrations)

Mister All-in-order loves nothing more than order. His house is impeccably clean and his garden is flawless… What more could he possibly tidy up and clean?

Mister All-in-order lives in a great impeccable house. Every day, he cleans, scrubs, tidies up, and polishes, so that everything is perfectly in order! Today is no exception; Mister All-in-order decides to tidy-up the forest at the back of his garden, where everything is unorganized and bushy… He sweeps, trims and paves the ground. Mister All-in-order is happy, but the animals in the forest less so! This is because the order ruling over nature is much more subtle and important than it looks. Mister All-in-order acts as if he was alone but will discover that he shares the world with other animals.

A superb graphic work on gouache in vivid colors, which blends perfectly with the architectural and sleek lines of the beginning, and the lush and abundant forest at the end. Christoffer Ellegaard shows off a funny and intelligent picture book, to express the importance that a little mess and fantasy can have in a well-ordered life. It questions the link between Man and Nature, and makes the case that in striving too hard to control, direct and bend Nature, we end up destroying it. An ecological tale that encourages us to welcome a little mess in our life.

Format 21 x 27 cm
Pagination 36 pages
Published 03 05 18
ISBN 978-2-36902-088-2
Starting age 5 ans


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