An Odd Beast

(script), (illustrations)

“It was a long, really long time ago. It was such a long time ago that no one remembers. It was from a time where mankind didn’t exist. And here’s why…”

The One from Up Here and The One from Down There are brothers.

They both created the world, its sky, mountains, and beasts. One night, they make a quite odd beast. It has no fangs, no scales, no claws and no feathers! So what would be the point of such a creature?

With An Odd Beast, Martine Laffon (doctor in philosophy and mythology enthusiast) writes about the birth of man. It is a cosmogony trying to explain the existence of things and of the world through fiction. By using the legend of Prometheus and Epimetheus, this humoristic and poetic tale gently initiates everyone on mythology.

The text is highlighted with mischievous drawings from Delphine Durand.

Format 24 x 32 cm
Pagination 32
Published 10 11 20
ISBN 978-2-36902-130-8
Starting age 3 ans


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