A Mum It’s Like A House

(script and illustrations)

A mother is like a nest, a mother is like a vehicle, a mother is like a fountain… Like a nursery rhyme, these short sentences accompany every step of a baby’s daily life. As the pages go by, the child grows up and goes through different learning processes.

The reader follows the child through these small steps, which to him are big steps. The mother who was a nest, a refuge for the newborn becomes a road, a story or a show for the child who plays. As the child grows, the distance between him and his mother grows. Until the last picture of the child’s first steps. Because a mother is like a home that you carry inside you forever.

Format 17,8 x 24,8 cm
Pagination 48 pages
Published 19 09 19
ISBN 978-2-36902-109-4
Starting age 3 ans


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