One Night At The Insect’Hotel

(script and illustrations)

It’s the end of summer and the Cowpat family have to head home. But disaster! It’s too stormy outside so they must stop at the Insect’Hotel. There is only one small room left. Poor Suzy… the young beetle is bunched up between her grandfather’s feet and her mother’s snoring and is unable to find sleep. She then decides to discover every corner of the hotel and meets plenty of occupants. All of them warn her about a strange, gigantic and scary thing haunting the hotel’s corridors. But Suzy is curious and audacious. With her aphid cuddly toy, she keeps on exploring the hotel…

Claire Schvartz develops mature topics such as emancipation, independence and discovering the world. She also writes about the moment when the child meets the other. ‘‘One Night At The Insect’Hotel’’ is a colourful and funny book about freedom.

Format 24 x 32 cm
Pagination 48
Published 22 04 21
ISBN 978-2-36902-127-8
Starting age 5 ans


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