Such a tiny little nut

(script), (illustrations)

Did you know that a tiny little nut could trigger a huge cataclysm?

On a sunny day, a man walks across a village carrying a bag on his back. A nut falls down from the bag and, straight away, an ant rushes on this unexpected gift. But a lizard turns up, showing up his muscles, and steals the nut. Then a dog turns up, showing up his muscles, and he steals the nut. Then a bear. Then the dog’s owner. Then the bear’s tamer. They each want the nut for themselves… All the people from the village gather and a fight starts. The fight becomes a battle, and the battle becomes a world war… This repetitive tale with snowball effect is devilish funny, and offers an entertaining reading experience!

Format 24 x 32
Pagination 32
Published 19 03 15
ISBN 978-2-36902-036-3
Starting age 3 ans


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