An Awesome Cow-Boy Story

(script and illustrations)

Delphine Perret is in charge of a schizophrenic little book mocking the politically correct and playing with story-telling. It is absolutely irresistible and hilarious.

“It’s the story of a cow-boy. I replaced him with a monkey because I was told that cowboys are too scary with their smelly breath and mean looks. His gun is replaced with a banana because pistols are too dangerous.” This is how this awesome cowboy story begins.

On the left page: large text telling stories of an unwieldy cowboy that eats baby rabbits, swears and robs banks. So, how can one illustrate such unbridled violence? Delphine Perret rewrites the story on the right page, giving life to a monkey that brushes his teeth while enjoying aerobics. This creates an absolutely hilarious text-image relationship for this explosive book, which mocks political correctness. Both stories face off and give life to absurd situations that readers of any age can enjoy.

Format 15,6 x 21,8 cm
Pagination 32
Published 24 05 18
ISBN 978-2-36902-092-9
Starting age 4 ans


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