Vezovele Tupoleck

(script and illustrations)

Vezovele is an alien who loves to change shape and colour. One day, he looks like a pineapple and the other, he transforms himself into a foliage plant. That’s how it is.

Vezovele is passionate about humans. He often travels to Earth to see them and every single time, he brings back souvenirs like objects, songs and cooking recipes that he loves to share with his friends: Yelena, the tiny people from Pjozka, Juto and Stoï and especially, Mister Nail, the astronaut with whom he loves to walk into space, among the huge planets.

Vezovele Tupoleck is a little book containing three funny, sweet and mischievous stories. Delphine Perret has a tremendous talent to tell and enhance the small things with intelligence, gentleness and humour.

Format 15,5 cm x 23 cm
Pagination 40
Published 09 06 20
ISBN 978-2-36902-119-3
Starting age 4 ans


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